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Damage Inc
Damage Inc : The Ride comes to an End

All good things come to an end and it looks like it’s official Damage Inc is Dead. We logged a lot of good year’s lots of ups and downs, tons of boss kills and for the most part minimal drama. It was a good ride and I have fond memories of most of it but all good things come to an end and it looks like this is the end.

I might come back and play in a casual way for the expansion most likely on Korialstrasz.

If any of the old Dinc members are still floating around and want to say hi drop me a line


Posted by NeckSnapper on Friday 04 April 2014 - 13:24:02 |
Glory of The Orgrimmar Raider
Glory of The Ogrimmar Raider

Congrats Everyone on there new drakes!

Posted by NeckSnapper on Friday 28 February 2014 - 15:25:58 |
Garrosh Hellscream Down
Garrosh Down

Posted by NeckSnapper on Wednesday 22 January 2014 - 08:39:01 |
Siegecrafter and Paragons Defeated
Siegecrafter and Paragons of the Klaxxi Down

Posted by NeckSnapper on Friday 22 November 2013 - 08:28:05 |
Thok The Bloodthirsty
Thok The Bloodthirsty Down

Posted by NeckSnapper on Tuesday 19 November 2013 - 08:21:30 |
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bullet Justinia
16 Nov : 19:49
Troll Lives Matter!
bullet avallon
14 Nov : 18:46
Can never forget Leo's Kill Ending scene (oh! oh! let's take the pic on the gazeebo!!!) ...
bullet avallon
14 Nov : 18:44
Dang!! I miss this guild...
bullet Kryliana
13 Nov : 16:18
bullet NeckSnapper
01 Nov : 11:17
yeah Van!
bullet Vanir
24 Oct : 12:40
ahh nostalgia.. miss this site and the peeps
bullet Dane
30 Jul : 21:01
Fuck you ceph
bullet Raleigh
29 May : 15:30
boooo bernie
bullet NeckSnapper
22 May : 21:39
yeah Bernie!
bullet berniebeanz
15 May : 00:44
Well dang ya'll sorry to hear its come to an end fond memories of kael and vashj brought me back to look for the old videos!!
bullet NeckSnapper
26 Apr : 16:49
yeah Tebow
bullet Justinia
19 Apr : 20:50
bullet Blitzkin
27 Jan : 04:38
We are going to try to put together a raid tonight. 8 server, be on early if possible.
bullet Raleigh
17 Jan : 11:49
Raid tomorrow night.Who else is excited?!?
bullet Kryliana
25 Dec : 10:16
OMG the Christmas site is back!
bullet Kryliana
01 Dec : 19:20
On Korial, guild name is Infinite Dream
bullet avallon
01 Dec : 19:10
where are you guys?......
bullet Justinia
23 Nov : 23:37
Aracus, try using a shield. "I'm using my fucking sheild!"
bullet avallon
22 Nov : 22:47
"Just throw a couple of sundas" ... (Tony c) Hahaha one of my favorites from dinc! or "lets take the picture in the gazeebo!" hahaha you know who you are!!
bullet Raleigh
18 Nov : 22:33